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Experience a transformative encounter with Craig, where clarity of thought is effortlessly attained. With his innate abilities and impeccable techniques, Craig unveils avant-garde, practical solutions that will elevate your performance to new heights.

Revered as the preeminent pioneer, interpreter, and adept communicator of ideas, Craig's reputation precedes him in the realm of innovation and problem-solving.

About Craig

Mastermind of Communication and Impact Marketing

Craig Berman is a highly sought-after expert in the field of communication and impact marketing. With a passion for simplifying complex ideas and delivering practical solutions, Craig has built a reputation as a master innovator and interpreter of ideas. He has worked with medium to major-sized South African organisations and is regarded as a business communication expert skilled in simplifying objectives, creating clarity, and delivering effective turnkey strategies

Expertise in Key Disciplines

Craig is a specialist in go-to-market messaging, strategy, and execution. With a unique ability to coordinate the entire delivery process, Craig ensures that his clients' messages are delivered with relevance and massive impact. He is also a supreme networker, bringing an electrifying energy to his engagements and leaving a lasting impression on his clients and audience.

Soon to launch


Listen to us on

Chat Prop: The Property Podcast

Chat Prop is a property-focused show that aims to uncover solutions to current challenges, perceptions, and management practices within the industry. Craig interviews a diverse range of experts, from seasoned veterans to up-and-coming enthusiasts, all with the goal of promoting new ways of thinking and stimulating greater impact.

Working With the Best



"For almost thirty years I have known Craig Berman as a consummate marketer of property and consumer goods. His success has been founded on enthusiasm, energy and a rare ability to relate at all levels, with value propositions well aligned to defined target markets. I recommend him as an asset to any company wishing to increase market share."

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